Hey all! Time for a small update again! Make sure you vote for us at the Facefront (festival taking place in Piteå, Sweden) website, and that you wish for us to play at the big Hultsfred festival. Follow the links above.

The film is still being edited, and we are coming down to the end. Now we have the DVD production in front of us, and it will include lots of goodies and surprises, we promise! Meanwhile you can download two teasers of the film, the song The Sevens Seas And Beyond VIII: Beyond and Dating Miss November. Note that these are only low quality samples.

A huge thank you also to Petter's sister Ellinor for letting us use her webserver for putting our stuff on! We sure appreciate it!

As you who saw the show at Konserthuset may have noticed, we had a couple of guys running around on stage filming the show. The result of these guys filming is now being edited. Today we are starting day three of the editing, and I can tell you it´s hard work, and takes a lot of time. But when it´s done, it will reach you in some way, so be on the outlook in the DVD-shells! ;)

Also, I can tell you that the recordings is continued. Next, we will record strings on a couple of songs.

Merry Christmas and all that stuff from the family called CirKus FraX!

Hej alla fans! Vad ni vill veta, men aldrig får reda på, är att vi i CirKus FraX håller på med att spela in. Förfullt. Den här helgen (27/11 o än så länge bara halva 28/11) har vi lagt sång på två låtar, och handklapp. Kan låta lite lite... men, det tog oss 12 timmar med rast och - om jag räknat rätt - lite drygt 40 kanaler. Så kanske vi ska fortsätta lite senare idag.

Förra helgen lade vi dragspel och blås på de 6 eller 7 låtarna vi håller på med i studio-FraX, på vilka trummor och Evert lades redan i våras, eller om det var i början av sommaren... ja, då i alla fall, la vi det. Så.. eh... nu är det bara resten kvar och det ser Vi framimot. När det är klart märker ni.

Tack för ordet!
/Johan "kekki" FraX

Thank you so very much to all the people who was involved in the show at Konserthuset last friday (04-11-12). The dancers, Björn (projector-operator), Magnuz at the spotlight, Jessica (photos & make-up), Sara (make-up), Johan & Sven for filming, the sound engineer, Film i Örebro Län for borrowing us all kinds of stuff, and of course Tomas at Konserthuset, you´re the best! You all helped us to carry out a great show! Thank you!

And also a big thank you to all of you who showed up to see the show, hope we´ll see you again soon!

Dear CirKus FraX-fans (and others as well)! The time has come to announce the show of the year! November the 12th, CirKus FraX enters the stage of Konserthuset in Örebro, with a bunch of guest artists and some very cool surprises and goodies. This is something you´ll not want to miss, we promise you that!

A new song is now finished! Go to the music-page to download the very fresh CirKus FraX-song "Finnish Hymn", recorded at various sessions at Studio FraX in the year 2004. And the final mix was done by Johan "Kekki" FraX, also at Studio FraX. Enjoy!

The shop is now open! It only contains one item for now, but more will come, we promise! Make a visit right now, and why not order a t-shirt as well? See you all soon!

Soon there will be CirKus FraX t-shirts to buy! We haven´t recieved them yet, but they will look something like this. The cost will be 120 SEK. If you are interested in buying yourself a shirt, don´t hesitate to send a mail to jonatan@cirkusfrax.com right now and place an order!

Bookings so far this summer:
# sunday 4/7, Stadsparken, Örebro.
# wednesday 7/7, 19.00, "Talangen '04" Brunnsparken, Örebro.
# saturday 24/7, 16.00, "Ekmast Festivalen" Ekebyparken, Uppsala.
Things are moving and there are several other gigs on the table of content for this season, so keep checking the website for any updates.

A big thanks to all of you who voted for us at the Gatufesten-vote! Sadly, it wasn't enough, we didn't make it. But we have several other gigs to be confirmed for the summer, so be on the look-out for CirKus FraX in your hometown!

Just in! CirKus FraX are a part of a webvote for a gig at a festival in Sundsvall, Sweden. So please, all fans or non-fans, visit http://www.sundsvall.nu/gatufesten and place your vote for your favorite band, CirKus FraX, and maybe we'll see you there!

Hey there folks! Despite the inacvtivity on this website, quite a lot is happening with CirKus FraX. We are recording new songs, we have a new logotype, and a complete new website is also on its way. Also, we have a gig coming up. We are once again playing at Folkets Hus in Örebro, May the 11:th. This time together with the great bands ULF and T-MAZE. The entrence will be free, and there´s no age limit, so you have no reason not to come! See ya! Stay tuned!

February 21st, CirKus FraX will play in the basement of Folkets Hus in Örebro. The show will start at 21:00, but the place will be open from 20:00, and DJ FraX will play some music. It´ll cost you 20 swedish kronor to get in. Hope we´ll see you there!

A nice little guestbook has been added to our website, so feel free to sign it!

CirKus FraX will play at Stadsparken, Örebro, Thursday august 21st, 18.00. Be there...

CirKus FraX will support COY at Frimis, Örebro Wednesday (6/8) night at 21.00